Professional Experience
Chuan Wang, is Full Professor and Ph. D student supervisor in School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University (BNU), China. Prior to joining in BNU, he worked in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Tsinghua University from 2003 to 2019. Prof. Wang has been working in the field of quantum information and nanophotonics. He led and took part in various research and development projects in quantum information and related areas.

Information theory, college physics.

Research Interests
Quantum information, quantum artificial intelligence, nanophotonics.

Selected Publications
1. Wang Tie-Jun*, Yang Guan-qun, Wang Chuan*, Control power of high-dimensional controlled teleportation. Physical Review A 101, 012323 (2020)
2. Gao Yong-Pan, Liu Xiao-Fei, Wang Tie-Jun*, Cao Cong, Wang Chuan*. Photon excitation and photon blockade effects in optomagnonic microcavities. Physical Review A 100, 043831 (2019)
3. Gao Yong-Pan, Cao Cong*, Duan Yuwen*, Liu Xiao-Fei, Wang Tie-Jun, Wang Chuan* Magnons scattering induced photonic chaos in the optomagnonic resonators. NanoPhotonics 9, 1953 (2019)
4. Liu Xiao-Fei, Gao Yong-Pan, Cong Cao, Wang Tie-Jun, Wang Chuan*. Chiral microresonator assisted by Rydberg-atom ensembles. Physical Review A 98, 033824 (2018).
5. Liu Xiao-Fei, Wang Tie-Jun, Long Guilu*, Wang Chuan*. Optothermal control of gains in erbium-doped whispering-gallery microresonators. NanoPhotonics 8, 127 (2018).
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16. Wang Tie Jun, Wang Chuan*. Parallel quantum computing teleportation for spin qubits in spin-cavity coupled system. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics. 21(3),1-7(2015)
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20. Wang Chuan ,Shen Wei-Wei, Mi Si-Chen, Zhang Yong, Wang Tie-Jun*, Concentration and distribution of entanglement based on valley qubit system in Graphene. Science Bulletin. 60(23):2016 (2015)

Address: College of Information Science and Technology Beijing Normal University 19 Xin jie kou wai da jie Beijing 100875, China.