Professional Experience

1998-2005 Teaching at Computing Center, Beijing Normal University.

20055-2019 lecturer,College of Information Science and Technology,Beijing Normal University.

2019-present lecturer, School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University.


1991-1995 B.A. of Computer Science, Wuhan University.

1995-1998 Master of Computing Science and Technology, Wuhan university.

2007-present PhD of Knowledge engineering, Beijing Normal University.


Undergraduate courses: Object-oriented programming, C Programming Language, Visual programming.

Research Interests

Computer graphics technology, software technology.

Grants and Awards

Involved in a number of scientific research and education reform project: Management Information System, Beijing Normal University; VR-based Visualization of Knowledge, Key Laboratory of Computer Science Fund, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science; Data structure, Beijing exquisite course project; C + + bilingual teaching and reform project, Beijing Normal University.

Selected Publications

[1]  Shen Jiali, Zhou Mingquan,et al.,Fractal Image Coding Based on Local Similarity, Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, ICMLC 2007, vol.1:350~355.(EI: 080311017118).

[2]  申佳丽,王化文等,一种快速的智能型四叉树分形图像压缩方法,计算机工程与科学,Vol.19, No.4, pp.28-32, 1997.

[3]  申佳丽,马秀麟等,北京师范大学办公自动化系统的设计与实现”,教育信息化,2004.7(增刊),pp.113-115.

[4]  刘列明,申佳丽等,用小波变换实现图像尺寸的缩放,发展中的中国计算机图形学Chinagraph’96论文集,pp.491-496.

[5]  马秀麟,申佳丽,谈谈Domino与关系数据库的数据交换,教育信息化, 2004.12, pp.64.


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