Professional Experience

2019 –present: Associate professor, Lecture, School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University.

2003 –2019: Associate professor, Lecture, College of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University.


1994-1998 B.S Beijing Institute of Technology.

1998-2003 Ph.D Beijing Institue of Technology Physic Electronic Major.


Graduate:DSP Technology. Undergraduate:Electromagnetic Field and Wave, Microwave Technology, Fiber Communication, Optical Information Technology, Optical Communication and Information Technology.

Research Interests

Data Processing,Image Processing.

Selected Publications

[1]  Jun He, Analysis of microbend fiber-sensor characteristics using optics information theory, SPIE,v 6049,p 60490N.

[2]  Jun He, Real-time fiber sensor system for ship board distortion, SPIE,v 6201,p 62011Y .

[3]  Jun He, Optimized the Pre-Decoding Algorithm, SPIE,v 6513,p 65131I.

[4]  Jun He, Real-time Dynamic Geographical Information Exchange on Mobile Operation System, SPIE,v6790,p67900L(2007).

[5]  Bo Sun,Jun He, Optimization and application of Retinex algorithm in aerial image processing, SPIE,v6790,p67900L(2008).

[6]  Jun He, Bo Sun, A real-time geographical information exchange system with PDA, SPIE,v6968,p69681O(2008).

[7]  Bo Sun, Jun He, Research and Application of Digital Image Processing Technology in Cobalt-60 Based Container Inspection System, SPIE,v6954,p695418(2008).