Professional Experience


2004-2014,  The dean of the College of Information Science and Technology , Beijing Normal University.

Research Interests

Computer Visualization, Software Engineering and Chinese information processing.

Selected Publications

[1]  Zhou Shucheng, Geng Guohua, Zhou Mingquan. Multi-scale splicing technology of three-dimensional broken objects. Journal of computer aided design and graphics. 2006, 18 (10): 1525-1530. (EI:065010305275)

[2] Fan Shaorong, Ru Shaofeng, Zhou Mingquan, Geng Guohua. Feature profile extraction method for triangular mesh surface model of broken rigid body. Journal of computer aided design and graphics. 2005, 17 (9): 2003-2009. (EI:05399388558)

[3] Li Chunlong, Zhou Mingquan, Cheng Xin, Cheng Ribin. Virtual restoration method of axisymmetric broken cultural relics. Journal of computer aided design and graphics. 2006, 18 (5): 620-624. (EI:06239926627)

[4]  Zhou Mingquan,Geng Guohua,Huang Shiguo. Ontology Development for Insect Morphology and Taxonomy System. 2006 IEEE/WIC/ACM INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON WEB INTELLIGENCE and INTELLIGENT AGENT TECHNOLOGY(WI-IAT 2006 Workshops Proceedings) Hong Kong,China. Page(s):324-327. (ISTP:BFU08,EI:072610671883)

[5] Fan Yachun, Zhou Mingquan. Analysis of content retrieval technology based on key features of image. The third academic conference on image graphics. 2008:391-397.

[6]  Huaming Li,Mingquan Zhou,Guohua Geng.Facial Pose Estimation Based on the Mongolian Race’s Feature Characteristic from a Monocular Image. Sinobiometrics’04,2004.Page(s):172-178.(SCI:BBM31,ISTP收录:BBM31)

[7]  Zhou Mingquan, Wena, Geng Guohua. Research on the application of interactive information theory and improved color quantification method in image retrieval. A minicomputer system. In 2006, 27 (7) 1331-1334.

[8]  Zhou Mingquan, Liu Xiaoning, Geng Guohua.3D Face Recognition Based on Geometrical Measurement. Sinobiometrics’04,2004.Page(s):244-249.(SCI:BBM31、ISTP:BBM31)

[9]  Jian Zhao,Qin Zhao, Mingquan Zhou,Jianshou Pan.A Novel Wavelet Watermark Algorithm Based on Neural Network Image Scramble.Advances in Natural Computation: First International Conference. Vol.3611.2005.Page(s) :346-350.(SCI: BDA23, EI:05439427205, ISTP:BDA23)

[10]  Jian Zhao, Mingquan Zhou,Hongmei Xie,Jinye Peng,Xin Zhou.A Novel Wavelet Image Watermarking scheme Combined with Chaos Sequence and Neural Network Advances in Neural Networks – International Symposium on Neural Networks. Vol.3174.2004.Page(s):663-668.(SCI: BAT68, ISTP:BAT68 )


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