Professional Experience

2001-2004 Assistant Chief Engineer, CITIC Guoan Information Technology Co., Ltd.

2000-2019 Associate professor, College of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University.

2019-present Associate professor, School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University.


1990-1994 B.A., Computer software, Shandong University.

1994-1997 Master, Computer Applications, Shandong University.

1997-2001 Ph.D., Computer Applications, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science.


Data Structure, Virtual Reality, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics.

Research Interests

Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Computer vision and software testing.

Grants and Awards

[1]  2008.1~2010.12 The National Natural Science Founds: Large scale terrain real-time accelerated rendering technology research.

[2]  2007.1~2009.12 The National Natural Science Founds: Multi-source data classification modeling technology exploring based on the principle of MDL, responsible for the algorithm design and analysis.

[3]  2005.1~2007.12 The National 863 Projects topic: Massive bodies spectral processing and automatic classification software development, responsible for the software system analysis and design.

[4]  2006.1~2007.12 Beijing exquisite course project, Data structure.

Selected Publications

[1]  Dong Tian, Xiaodong Wang, Xin Zheng,” Dual-cache Structure Based Large Scale Texture Mapping for Real-time Terrain Rendering”, Proceedings of IEEE International Conferences on Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics (RAM2008), pp.1096-1101, Chengdu, 22-24 September, 2008.

[2]  Qian Yin, Zhiyong Yuan, Zukuan Wei, Xin Zheng,” Real-time Tissue Deformation and Image Rendering for Computer Simulation”, Proceedings of IEEE International Conferences on Cybernetics & Intelligent Systems (CIS2008), pp.980-983, Chengdu, 22-24 September, 2008.

[3]  Yunfei Jiang, Rukun Hu, Ping Guo, Xin Zheng, “Investigation of KLIM Algorithm Applied to Face Recognition”, Proceedings of IEEE International Conferences on Cybernetics & Intelligent Systems (CIS2008), pp.1226-1231, Chengdu, 22-24 September,2008.

[4]  Dong Tian, Xin Zheng, Qian Yin,” Adaptive Large-scale Terrain texture Mapping Technology”, Proceedings of IADIS International Conference IADIS CGV 2008, Amsterdam, 24 – 26 Jul 2008.

[5]  Hai-feng Cui, Xin Zheng,Tong Ruan, ”An Efficient Texture Synthesis Algorithm Based on WT”, Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics(ICMLC2008), pp.2472-3477, Kunming, 12-15 July 2008.

[6]  Tong Gao and Xin Zheng, “Software-Based Non-Invasive Geometric Correction of Projector”, Proceedings of Second Workshop on Digital Media and ITS Application in Museum & Heritage(Dmamh2007), pp.329-333,2007. (EI: 083211439352)(ISIP: 000252213500060).

[7]  崔海峰,郑新,王文成,基于权值金字塔的多分辨率纹理影射,智能化数字娱乐进展——第四届智能CAD与数字娱乐学术会议论文集, pp.100-105, 2007.

[8]  Zhihong Xu, Xin Zheng and Ping Guo, “Empirically Validating Software Metrics for Risk Prediction Based on Intelligent Methods”, Journal of Digital Information Management, Vol.5, No.3, pp.99-106, June 2007.

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[10]  Zhihong Xu, Xin Zheng and Ping Guo, “Empirically Validating Software Metrics for Risk Prediction Based on Intelligent Methods” , the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, IEEE Computer Society, Vol. 1,pp.1049-1054, 2006.(EI: 073210746383, ISIP:000242507000188).


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