Professional Experience

Associate Professor, School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University.



Research Interests

Web Information Processing & Search Engine,Virtual Reality & Visualization Technology,ICT in Education.

Grants and Awards

Have taken part in 7 national research projects, including the National Science and Technology Infrastructure project, the National Science and Technology Support Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China. Have involved in one patent application, three books, more than 10 papers, and Reward of National Science and Technology Progress in China 2009. Have developed several research systems, including the Core System of Search Engine, the Internet Mobile IP systems, the Network Science and Technology Resource Integration Platform, the Risk Search Engines, the Visual Image Search and Filter System.

Selected Publications

[1]  Wang xuesong, Zhou Mingquan, Fan Yachun. Building VR Learning Environment: an Ontology Based Approach,2009 First International Workshop on Education Technology and Computer Science,China Wuhan ,2009 IEEE computer society.(EI),pp:160-165.

[2]  Wang xuesong, Zhou Mingquan, Fan Yachun. The Algorithm of Graph Cut Using HSI Weights in Color Image Segmentation, 2011, Journal of Image and Graphics.

[3]  Wang xuesong, Zhou Mingquan, The Application of Template Regionalization SSDA Method in Microvascular Positioning, 2011, Computer Engineering and Applications.

[4]  Peng Li,MingQuan Zhou,Xuesong Wang,Nansha Li.A Novel MIR System Based on Improved Melody Contour Definition. [C] Proceedings of International Conference on MultiMedia and Information Technology. Yi Chang, 2008.12.409-412. (EI)

[5]  Li Peng,Zhou Mingquan,Wang Xuesong,Li Nansha.An Effective Signal Processing Method to Musical Information Retrieval.[C]Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Natural Computing.Wu Han.2009.6.pp.280-283. (EI)

[6]  GAO Ni,ZHOU Ming-quan,GENG Guo-hua,WANG Xue-song. Topic Detection Technique Based on Text Mining. Computer Engineering,2009.10.Vol35(19),pp:36-38.

[7]  PENG LI,MINGQUAN ZHOU,XUESONG WANG,XIAOFENG WANG,NANSHA LI,LIZHI XIE.A Novel MIR Framework with Automatic Voice Processing, Database Construction and Fuzzy Matching. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer and Automation Engineering. Singapore. Vol.1.2010.02.pp.20-24. (EI)

[8]  GENG Guo-hua, LIU Jun , WANG Xue-song ,Research on 3D Reality-based Modeling and 3D Virtual Walkthrough for Cultural Archaeological Sites. Computer Applications to Archaeology 2009 Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. March 22-26, 2009. (EI)


Address: Computer Science Department, College of Information Science & Technology, Beijing Normal University, No.19 XinJieKouWaiDaJie, Beijing 100875, P.R.China.