Professional Experience

Associate Professsor, School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University.


1996-2000 B.A. of Computer Science, Northwest University.

2000-2003 Master of computer software and theory, Northwest University.

2006-2009 Ph.D., College of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University.

Research Interests

Graphics and image processing, Virtual Reality.

Selected Publications

[1]  Fan Yachun, Zhou Mingquan, Wang Xingce, Liu Xinyu. Toward Color Logo Watermark to JPEG2000 Compressed Images. International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering, CSSE2008. 2008: 729-732 (EI: 20091211962851).

[2]  Fan Yachun, Zhou Mingquan, Geng Guohua. Semantic-oriented 3D model retrieval using visual vocabulary labeling. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IITA-JCAI2009. 2009:642-648. (EI: 20094612450440).

[3]  Fan Yachun, Zhou Mingquan, Geng Guohua. Background subtraction algorithm to eliminate the influence of light. Chinese Journal of Image and Graph. 2009, 14 (7):1413-1418.

[4] Fan Yachun, Zhou Mingquan, Wang Xuesong, Wang Tonglin. Automatic background switching is realized by graph cutting. A minicomputer system. 2009, 30 (9): 1834-1837.

[5] Fan Yachun, Zhou Mingquan. Analysis of content retrieval technology based on key features of image. The third academic conference on image graphics. 2008:391-397.

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[8]  Wang Xingce, Zhou Mingquan, Liu Xinyu, Fan Yachun. The research on robot global path planning based on simulated annealing dissipative ant system. Proceedings of the World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA).2008:5764-5769. (EI: 083911599283).

[9]  Pan Yi, Zhou Mingquan, Fan Yachun, Yu Shaode. A SVM based relevance feedback algorithm for 3D model retrieval. 2010 Asia-Pacific Conference on Wearable Computing Systems, APWCS 2010. 2010:139-142.(EI:20102813070535).

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