Professional Experience

2019–present associate professor, School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University.

2005–2019 associate professor, College of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University.


1992.9~1996.7 B.A, Mechanical Engineering, Xiangtan University.

1996.9~1999.7 Master, Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University.

2000.3~2005.1 Ph.D., Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University.


Advanced Operating System, Data structure, Computer network, Window and network programming.

Research Interests

Computer network.

Grants and Awards

Host Natural Science Founds “Ad hoc network MAC protocol and TCP cross-layer design based on asymmetric competition”, and participate in 5 other projects.

Selected Publications

[1]  Yongkang Xiao, Lin Zhang, Xiuming Shan, Yong Ren, and Zhengxin Ma. Neighbor-medium-aware MAC protocol with fairness guarantee for wireless ad hoc networks, IEICE Transactions on Communication (SCI), 2004, 87(9): 2738-2746. IDS Number: 852ZI.

[2]  Yongkang Xiao, Xiuming Shan, Yong Ren. Game theory models for IEEE 802.11 DCF in wireless ad hoc networks. IEEE Communication Magazine (SCI), 2005,43(3): S22-S26. IDS Number: 906UP.

[3]  Yongkang Xiao, Xiuming Shan, Yong Ren. Cross-layer design to improve TCP performance in multihop ad hoc networks. IEICE Transactions on Communication (SCI), 2005, 88(8): 3375-3382. IDS Number: 958JO .

[4]  肖永康,山秀明,任勇. 无线Ad hoc网络及其研究难点. 电信科学, 2002, 18(6): 12-14.

[5]  肖永康,山秀明,任勇. 无线Ad hoc网络中的功率控制技术. 计算机应用, 2004, 24(8): 91-94.

[6]  肖永康,李萌,山秀明,任勇. 一种改善Ad hoc网络中TCP性能的跨层方法. 计算机应用. 计算机应用, 2005, 25(5), 1179-1181.

[7]  Li Meng, Zhang Lin, Xiao Yongkang, Shan Xiuming. Power-controlled MAC protocols with dynamic neighbor prediction for ad hoc networks. The Journal of China Universities of Posts and Telecommunications, 2004, 11(1).

[8]  Culling Ji, Yongkang Xiao, Tianhe Chi. Research on the key technologies of mobile digital maps. Proceedings of SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering, v 6418, Geoinformatics 2006: GNSS and Integrated Geospatial Applications, 2006, p 64181B. EI Number: 070710419192.

[9]  何珺,孙波,肖永康,陈万通. 波束合成前解码算法的优化实现在超声波成像中的应用. 北京师范大学学报(自然科学版),2007,43(5):527-529.

[10]  肖永康,纪翠玲. 北京市空气质量数据仓库的设计和实现. 测绘科学,2008,33(10):140~141.

[11]  肖永康,单琳伟,袁坚,山秀明. 基于网络层析和路由器辅助的多播探测方法. 北京邮电大学学报, 2008年12月出版 .

[12]  Hu Xiaoyan, Sun bo, Xiao Yongkang. Implementing Inverse kinematics on GPU. The 14th international Conference on Games Research and Development, CyberGames 2008 .


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