Professional Experience

Associate professor, College of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University.


1999.9-2003.7 B. Sc., Dept. of Computer & Information Technology, Hennan Normal University, Xinxiang, China.

2003.9-2007.7 M.Sc., Ph D, Dept. of Electronics & Information, Northwestern Polytechnic University, Xi’an, China.


Pattern Recognition, Multi-media Technology Foundation, Digital Fundamentals.

Research Interests

Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computer Graphic.

Grants and Awards

[1]  Principal Investigator, National Natural Science Foundation of China (61003134): “Research on 3D Cerebralvascular Segmentation Based on Statistical Analysis and Its Model Reconstruction”(2011.1~2013.12).

[2]  Main Investigator, Key Program of Beijing Natural Science Foundation (4081002): ”Visualization,Virtual Endoscope Navigation and Inspection of Cerebral Vascular in Virtual Environment”(2008.01~2010.12).

[3]  Principal Investigator, Youth Foundation of BNU: “Studying on the Key Techniques of Human Blood Vessel Visualization”(2008.01~2009.12).

[4]  Main Investigator, Plan Program of Xi’an Science Technology Foundation (HJ04033) “Novel Platform for Computer Aided Diagnosis Based on Volume Transparency Ramble Analysis of Human Body”(2004.4~2006.3).

[5]  Active Person Award of Social Work, Dept. of Information Science & Technology, BNU, 2008.

[6]  Nominee Award of the BNU Top Ten Healthy Stars, BNU, 2008.

[7]  Xi’an-Applied Materials(AM) Innovation Fund (XA-AM-S0608), 2006.

Selected Publications

[1]  Yun Tian, Mingquan Zhou, Zhongke Wu, Region-based Active Contours Driven by Global Intensity Fitting Energy,to appear in Journal of Electronics (China).

[2]  Tian Yun, Zhou Ming-quan, Duan Fu-qing, Wu Zhong-ke, An Efficient Active Contour Model Driven by Statistical and Gradient Information, to appear in Journal of Image and Graphics (China).

[3]  Yun Tian, Mingquan Zhou, Zhongke Wu, A Region-based active contour model for image segmentation. 2009 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, 2009, 376-380.

[4]  Tian Yun,Wang Li-Hua,Zhou Ming-quan,Wu Zhong-ke, Human Organ Extraction Method from CT Volumetric Data, Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering (Chinese), 2009,28(1): 37-41.

[5]  Yun Tian, Mingquan Zhou, Zhongke Wu, A Novel Volume Rendering Algorithm for Volumetric Data, 2008 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 2008, 3457-3462.

[6]  He Gui-qing, Chen Shi-Hao, Tian Yun, Hao Chong-yang, Synthesis Performance Evaluation of Multi-Sensor Image Fusion, Chinese Journal of Computers(Chinese), 2008(3):486-492.

[7]  Tian Yun, Qi Min, Hao Chong-yang et al., Cross-section Interpolation of Medical Images Based on Pixel Classification, Journal of Image and Graphics (Chinese), 2008,13(9): 1655-1660.

[8]  Tian Yun,Zhou Ming-quan,Wu Zhong-ke, A rendering algorithm based on Ray Casting for medical volumetric data, Optics and Precision Engineering (Chinese), 2008, 16(11): 2296-2302.

[9]  Yun Tian, Hai-tao Zhao, et al, Dynamic Extraction for VOI from CT Images Based on Volume Rendering, International Journal of Image and Graphics,2007, 7(1): 195-209.

[10]  Tian Yun, Hao Chong-yang, A Novel Cross-section Interpolation Method for Medical Images, Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 2007, 16(1): 14-21.

[11]  Tian Yun, Wang Yi, et al,, 3-D Interpolation of Medical Images Based on the optimal cubic convolution kernel, 2nd IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications, 2007, 112-117.

[12]  Tian Yun, Wang Yi,Hao Chong-yang et al., Three-dimensional Interpolation of Medical Images Based on Boundary Information, Chinese Journal of Medical Imaging Technology (Chinese), 2007, 23(3): 456-459.

[13]  Tian Yun, He Gui-qing, Hao Chong-yang et al., Volume Rendering of DICOM Images Based on PC, Journal of Northwestern Polytechnical University (Chinese), 2007, 25(3): 429-432.

[14]  Tian Yun, Wang Yi, Hao Chong-yang et al., A Fast Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Linear General Fuzzy Operator, Journal of the Fourth Military Medical University (Chinese), 2006,27(1):83-85.


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