Welcome to IIKI 2014, the International Conference on Identification, Information, and Knowledge in the Internet of Things, held October 17–18, 2014, in Beijing, China.

Internet of Things provides a promising vision of the future where the virtual world of information technology integrates seamlessly with the real world. It is regarded as an ideal platform for people, as well as smart things, to communicate easily with each other not only in business and industries but also in our daily activities. Realizing the full potential of the IoT (Internet of Things) requires solving serious technical and business problems: the identification of things, the organization, integration and management of big data, and the effective use of knowledge-based decision systems. These challenges, and more, are the focus for the International Conference on Identification, Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things (IIKI).

IIKI2014 aims at providing a dedicated forum for discussing research, development, and deployment efforts for knowledge issues in the Internet of Things. We received more than 122 submissions from China, Europe, and USA. We are excited about the variety of papers that are included in the conference program reflecting the global momentum in research in this domain. Each submission was rigorously peer reviewed by at least three reviewers from the program committee to ensure the quality. Finally, we accepted 30 regular papers and 30 short papers. The regular accepted rate was less than 25%. The selected works address a number of key topics in this space, such as knowledge engineering, big data, and cloud computing, pervasive service systems and wearable computing, wireless and mobile security, frontiers in cyber-physical systems, regulations, standards, user experience, industries and implementations in the IoT, mobile opportunistic networks. We would like to express our appreciation to all of the authors of submitted papers, members of the program committee, reviewers, and program committee members.