Dean: Prof. Li Yao

Prof. Li Yao manages new faculty recruitment and faculty relations, leads strategic planning for School of Artificial Intelligence, coordinates fundraising and alumni relations, determines and implements educational, research, and administrative goals.

Electronic Building 405

Assistant: Associate Prof. Yun Tian

Science and Technology Building 1106

Deputy Dean for International Affairs

Prof. Rongfang Bie
Electronic Building 507

Deputy Dean for Graduate Affairs

Associate Prof. Zhichun Wang
Science and Technology Building 1106

Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Teaching

Associate Prof. Junqi Guo
Electronic Building 409

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Xuesong Wang
Electronic Building 305

Deputy Dean for Administration

Associate Prof. Xiaoyan Hu
Electronic Building 413

Office Manager

Ms. Wei Wu
Electronic Building 301

Area Dean for Computer Science

Associate Prof. Qian Yin
Electronic Building 505

Area Dean for Electronics

Associate Prof. Junqi Guo
Electronic Building 509

Head of Experimental Centre

Prof. Xiaoming Zhu
Electronic Building 205