Graduate Studies

Now we have five Master degree programs, including Communication and Information System (081001), Signal and Information Processing (081002), Computer Software Theory (081202), Computer Science and its Application (081203), Science of Education Technology. In the past five years, we have enrolled 206 master students and awarded 95 students Master degree in total. Now we have more than 150 graduate students at college.

(1)Communication and Information System

Research Direction Research Content
Nonlinear Dynamic System and Information Processing (1)Combined with information processing technology, neural networks, multivariate statistical theory and other subjects, explore the theory and method of brain data processing;(2)Combined with nonlinear dynamics and theory of modern time series analysis, explore deeply the dynamic mechanism of brain cognitive activity;(3)In the perspective of information system and complex system, understand the gene regulatory networks of cell cycle.
Communication and Information Security: Research on data communication and security issues, including multi-media communication system, video monitoring system and secure communication, especially focusing on scientific theories and key technologies of communications and information security, such as the application of chaotic systems in the network communication and wireless communication.
Digital Image Processing By using artificial neural networks, statistical pattern recognition, data mining and other advanced information processing technologies, process the remote sensing images and biological images, including segmentation, feature extraction, pattern recognition and so on.

(2)Signal and Information Processing

Research Direction Research Content
Image and Speech Signal Processing Mainly use the random field theory, wavelet analysis theory, chaos synchronization theory, computer network technology, combinatorial optimization techniques and neural network technology to research image and speech signal processing, for example, image modeling, image restoration and segmentation of low signal to noise ratio, speech synthesis, voice video data compression image coding, data encryption communication, and apply the research results in the field of electronic information system and education, for example, computer aided instruction, online teaching and so on.
Life System Data Information Processing Thinking or cognitive processes of human brain electroencephalogram (EEG), magneto encephalography (MEG) and event related potential (ERP) data acquisition and nonlinear analysis; dynamic process of the heart and blood system electrocardiogram (ECG) data acquisition and signal feature extraction; noise for identifying interference of life system data and detecting weak signal; the bioinformatics methods of function identification and location of functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) and positron emission tomography (PET).

(3)Computer Software Theory

Research Direction Research Content
Logic and Computer Theory The basic theory of computer science including the theory of computer system, and its application in real-time computing, parallel computing, program verification and other aspects, mathematical logic, model theory, automata theory, database theory, computational complexity theory and their applications to computer, the judgment and computational complexity of certain mathematical problems.
Artificial Neural Network From the view of mathematics, study artificial neural network, and reveal the mathematics essence of artificial neural network, the meaning and weights of hidden layer of neural network, and the connection between neurons and other relevant aspects of mathematical structure, the graphical representation of mathematical methods; Based on the hardware realization of neurons, and the relevant mathematical theory and mathematical methods, design computer chips for neural network.
Mathematical Software and Computer Algebra Combine organically computer technology and mathematics, to provide new ideas and methods for mathematical research, to study some arithmetic function of the polynomial, the solution of nonlinear algebraic equation problems, commutative algebra, the mechanization of certain theories methods and special software design of algebra and geometry, continuous computational complexity and wavelet theory and its application.
Computer Aided Instruction Software Research and Development Study how to introduce the machine proving, the machine certification, etc, into over secondary school mathematics teaching software, to make the courseware with a high level of interactivity and intelligence, research math-related educational software complexity, feasibility and optimization problems, research how to play a computer-aided role of education in the modernization of mathematics education and other related laws and possible problems.

(4)Computer Application Technology

Research Direction Research Content
Artificial Intelligence Artificial neural network, Chinese information processing and artificial intelligence technology related to fuzzy computing.
Graphics and Image Processing Wavelet transform and image processing technology, remote sensing data processing, geographic information systems and computer graphics and so on.
Network Application and Information Security Computer network and information system analysis and synthesis, network management and information security, encrypted communication and network applications.
Computer Application System The computer education application and other computer application systems, involved with role and achievements of computer application technology in all walks of life and subject areas.