School of Artificial Intelligence, Beijing Normal University, is open to recruit Software Engineering graduate students all over the country. In the training of software engineering masters, Beijing Normal University will adhere to taking large software enterprises as important teaching and practice bases, and develop high-level engineering software talents with the latest cutting-edge technology.

The training target of engineering Master is to train applied and compound high-level engineering technology and engineering management talents primarily for industrial and mining enterprises and engineering construction departments, particularly large and medium state-owned enterprises. It demands the MSE owner to master the solid foundation and broad theoretical knowledge in the engineering field; to master advanced technology and modern techniques methods to solve engineering problems; to possess sense of innovation and the ability to be independently responsible for engineering technology or project management; to master one foreign language.

Likewise, the aim of Software Engineering Master in Beijing Normal University is to train educational software development project managers, senior personnel of software development and information management, primarily for the various types of software development, especially education software industry companies, all levels of educational information center, electronic centers, network information center and network education institute and other units of schools of various levels.

Master of Software Engineering, Beijing Normal University, has established the following training directions:

  1. Domain Information Technology (including education information direction): training senior engineering and management personnel of domain information system planning, design, integration, maintenance and management.
  2. Advanced Software Development Techniques (including network direction, educational software direction): training senior engineering and technical personnel of large-scale software development in network, database, and multimedia and embedded environment; training senior engineering personnel of educational software project analysis, design, development, testing and management.
  3. Software Project Management: training senior software management and supervision talents of large software project planning, tracking, management, supervision.
  4. Software Reliability Engineering and Software Testing: training senior engineering and technical personnel of high reliability software engineering methods and software testing technology.
  5. Animation and Digital Media Technology: training senior engineering and technical personnel of animation, digital media engineering design, development, application and management.