Undergraduate Major

Major Training goals
Electronic Information Science and Technology We aim to train senior specialized talents with knowledge of electronic information science and technology and modern communication technology. In four years’ study, through strict scientific experimental training and preliminary training of scientific research and development, we require you to master the basic theory, knowledge and skills, and be capable of being engaged in scientific research, education, science and technology development, management and product design job in the field of electronic information, communications, interdisciplinary science and related fields.
Computer Science and Technology We aim to train specialized talents in the computer science and technology, and the training includes both the solid theoretical foundation and the application-oriented characteristics to meet social needs. In four years’ study, we require you to well mater basic mathematics and computer theory, to accept the training of basic research and application development with the fundament knowledge of computer software and hardware, and to be capable of being engaged in computer application, software development, technology development, and computer and network management.

Undergraduate Curriculum

Electronic Information Science and Technology

Required Courses College Mathematics A, Basic Physics, Fundamentals of Circuit Theory, Low Frequency Electronic Circuit, Digital Circuit, Electronic Circuit Experiment, Communication Electronic Circuit, Signal and System, Communication Theory, Programming Fundamentals, Microcomputer Principles, English for Science and Technology.
Limited Optional Courses Digital Signal Processing, Information Theory and Coding Basis, Computer Speech Processing, Digital Image Processing, Design and Manufacture of Electronic System, Microcontroller and Programmable Logic Devices, Introduction to Modern Control, Mathematical Methods for Physics, Electromagnetic Field Theory and Microwave Technology, Computer Network, Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital Communication, Digital Television.
Optional Courses Satellite Communication, C++ Language, New technologies of Video, Computing Method, Software Engineering, Electronic Measurement, Network and System Integration, Computer Operating System, Assembly Language Programming, Microcomputer Interface Technology, Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics, Principles and Applications of Database, Microcomputer Control Principle.

Computer Science and Technology

Required courses College Mathematics A, Basic Physics, C Language, Data Structure, Electronic Circuit, Fundamentals of Circuit Theory, Microcomputer Principle and Assembly Language, Digital Circuit, Discrete Mathematics, Principle of Database System, Compiling Method, Operating System.
Limited Optional Courses Computer Network, Computer Architecture, High-level Language Programming, Computing Method, Microcomputer Interface Technology, Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Instruction, Artificial Intelligence, Microcomputer Control, Software Engineering, Multimedia Technology.
Optional Courses Information and Coding, Formal Language and Automata, Chinese Information Processing, Network Programming, Computer Peripheral Equipment, Computer Security, Parallel Computing, Network Management, Computer Technology Seminars, Microcontroller Technology, Large Databases, Introduction of Algorithm Design and Analysis, Multimedia Programming, Commonly Used Web Server Configuration, Fundamental Router Configuration, Spatial Data Analysis Method and Application, Java Programming.